Gotta start somewhere

Last night I wound up taking over the Open Mic at the Oasis on Queen Street, which has literally become a musical oasis for me. Had a great turnout, including several newcomers.

Lisa Minon, a spoken word artist from Espanola, was a highlight. And a fellow called Aaron showed up for his first ever public performance- long overdue, in my view. He did a great job, pulling out a Willie Nelson tune to break the ice. I told him you only get to lose your virginity once.

The usual suspects were there too: Mark the long-haired classical player with the very dark material; Matt Sauls, the best & brightest young singer-songwriter I know; Menno Vaz, crafty songwriter with a groovy pop sensibility; and Peter the guy who writes songs about Vietnam.

Oh, and Bo, the bluesman. He’s 72 years old and plays Leadbelly songs, occasionally taking a break for some Rev. Gary Davis. Sends chills up my spine.

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