Nova Scotia tour highlights

-a passenger in the “lost luggage” line at the Halifax airport buying Timbits for everyone
-sorry, we don’t have a compact car – would you like a Jeep Cherokee at the same price? (Yes.)
-swapping stories with a Pearson College student who was born when I was a student there
-meeting up with an old friend’s sister at the Laughing Whale in Lunenburg
-playing acoustically to fans & friends in Lunenburg filling the Fish Factory bar
-collecting on all the consignment CDs that sold in various places over the past year -
-meeting up with Darren Arsenault, who helped with the live recording last summer
-staying in the delightful “Hospitality Suite” in the Union Street Cafe
-they know how to party in Berwick…
-the folks at the Fundy View fish & chips shop and campground framed my publicity photo
-confirming that squirrels did not ruin my cabin over the past year
-rockin’ out at the Evergreen
-the Library Pub in Wolfville
-picking up two hitchhikers who work with Brinkman, the company I used to plant trees for
-the early evening sun from Cape D’or
-playing for 4 hours solid at the Beach Cafe
-reading Joshua Slocum’s story of his solo sailing journey around the world
-coming home lighter than I was when I left

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