Smashing, simply smashing

My van was broken into two days ago. Whoever did it smashed the passenger window, threw all the stuff in the van around, and took off. The only thing they took, apparently, was my owner’s manual, which happened to contain my permit and registration. Luckily they dumped that on a neighbour’s lawn in a garbage bag, and he was kind enough to look me up and return it to me.

Here’s a quick list of stuff that didn’t get stolen:

rusty tool box full of rusty tools

straps for carrying canoe on roof

Peterson’s field guides to Eastern Forests and Edible Wild Plants

Audubon Field Guide to the night sky

snake light

assorted cassette tapes: Bob Dylan, Blue Rodeo, Bruce Springsteen, Crowded House, Classical Guitar Greats, eighties mix

maps of Toronto, Parry Sound, Ontario, Eastern States & Provinces, Nova Scotia, and Cambridge


nickels, dimes and pennies

old leather boots


driftwood chewed by beaver

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