Things To Do Today

A couple of years ago, I was sitting in a boardroom meeting with a pad of paper and a pen. The pad of paper was made to write lists on; it said “Things to do Today” at the top and then had numbered lines all the way down.

Here’s what I wrote on the paper, under the heading Things to do Today:

1. Affirm the existence of divinity.

2. Take deep cleansing breaths.

3. Express sympathy for others.

4. Appreciate the natural world.

5. Be mindful of thought, word and deed.

6. Do kind works.

7. Embrace creativity.

8. Sleep soundly.

9. Eat healthily.

10. Take joy in physical activity.

I hung it next to my desk at work. At least I READ the list every day, whether I always manage to do it or not. That’s worth something, right?

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