What the kids say

On April 22, I delivered a free-form lecture about my experiences as a photographer to a group of teenaged art students in Ste. Catharines. I asked their teacher if she’d share some of their comments, and this is what I got.

I didn’t even remember it was Earth Day that day, but in hindsight, it seems fitting.

1. I think he was a very interesting guy. I really enjoyed the motel photo, its one of my favourites. I’d like to print it and put it up in my room.

2. I found his work to be very interesting. Especially the photo of the fallen “motel” sign. I loved the story about how he became a photographer.

3. He was pretty cool and I liked his pictures. He’s a really talented guy. I especially liked how he went to India and took great pictures.

4. He appeared to be well-educated and knew what he was talking about. His various experiences made it seem as if he had been around the world at least 5 times. The fact that he kept his old works was quite interesting. Overall he was a dazzling person and it was good to hear him talk.

5. I thought that David Newland was very interesting to listen to. It was interesting to hear how and why he became a photographer. I remember when he said that someone he knew said that he had “the eye”. I find it weird how he took pictures of weddings and how he takes photo’s for the discovery channel when he has “the eye”. He was very entertaining, especially when he played the instrument. I really liked hearing what he thought about photography.

6. On Friday April 22nd 2005, David Newland from national geographic (sic) game and made a photography presentation. He talked about his experiences and what he loves about photography. He talked about the many places he visited like India and showed us photographs he’d taken while he was there. He spoke about the school he attended and the different places he’s worked. We got to see a couple of his cameras and I asked him about his camera preference. Not only is David Newland an excellent photographer but a talented musical artist and he treated us to a small performance. I really liked a couple of the points he made, especially his argument that digital photgraphy is replacing film photography and that we no longer have photographs but images. I really enjoyed his presentation.

7. David Newland was pretty cool. He had really neat pictures and was really good at the uke. He had a neat presentation and I liked how he passed around his artifacts. I was under the impression that he did some nature photography but clearly was mistaken.

8. On Friday April 22 a man named David Newland came to Collegiate to do a presentation for us. His presentation was all about his life being a photographer. One of his first photographs that he ever took was a picture of his dad standing in front of his car which was a station wagon. At this point in his life he said that he had no idea that photography was going to be a big part of his life. It was his friends at the camera shop he worked at that told him to go for it, and that he had a good eye with the camera.

One thing that I thought was neat about him is that he seemed very adventurous. It sounded like he was adventurous the way he was talking. eg. hitchkiking ( even though thats dangerous), and hiking through the rockies a couple of times. I think it’s great that he’s travelled and has seen
different places and has been able to take pictures that will be greatly remembered for a lifetime, such as an end to a war that had been going on.

The one thing that I’ll remember him talk about is his trip to India. It’s hard to believe that people lived on the sides of the runways where the planes come and go and how he said it was so hot there you could feel your feet go into the tarmac. I’ll also remember how he siad he’s never been the same since going there because as soon as he said that I remembered my dad telling me that two of his friends have gone to India and they aren’t the same. In some way they are different.

My theory is that they are like this because it’s a different way of life there and if one of the first things you see are people living right beside the runway, then there are probably worse things to see once you actually start seeing India.
In conclusion to my comment on David Newland, I think he is a very talented person because
not only does he take photogrpahs, but he is a musician too. The way I see
it is that he is trying to live his life to the fullest and seems to be having fun doing it, so his story somewhat made me realize that life is short and I have to start having fun, not that I’m not but to have fun you have to take risks which I hardly do, but now I’m going to start taking them because in years to come I don’t want to have many regrets and have the question in my head all the time of “What would have been?”

9. David Newland came to our school and talked about how he became a photographer. He went to school for photography, and also went to India, which inspired him to become a photographer. I thought he was very interesting, and his photos were great. He seems to know alot about
photography, and loves what he does. It was a great experience to hear him speak.

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