The Frequency of the Heart

It’s been said “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Many times, this has proven true for me, and on my current journey of discovery, I met two new teachers who have greatly revived my spirit.

Their names are Herwig and Shahida. They’re a retired couple from Germany, and they are incredibly rich in wisdom, having spent a great deal of their lives devoting themselves to the practice of meditation and to walking the path of the heart.

We’ve been sharing meals for the last three days on the train from Toronto to Vancouver, first by happenstance, then by coincidence, and then by design.

This morning I presented them with a song I had written, inspired by our many conversations. The prettiest turns of phrase in the song are things Shahida said in conversation – she has a lovely way with words. And the images of flight are references to Herwig’s former profession as an airline pilot for Lufthansa. He once flew Shahida up past 40,000 feet, to where they could see the blue curve of the earth against the blackness of space.

His retirement gift from the company was 2 flights anywhere in the world. They picked Canada, and chose to ride The Canadian. They celebrated their 32nd anniversary in the Bullet lounge at the back of the train. This is their song.

The Frequency of the Heart

The gentle grey-haired gentleman,
and the woman with the lovely smile
Have been travelling together for many a mile
He took her to the edge of the earth,
she took him to her heart
It was plain to see they could never be apart

Above the clouds he drifted, upon the wind he flew
He dropped into her life from a sky of blue
She got a good green garden growing,
kept a hand on the telephone
It was plain to see they could never be alone

Beautiful shiny colours, the power of second sight
He knew her, she had known him from the start
Beauty truth and wisdom, life and love and light
They were finely tuned to the frequency of the heart

They are travellers together on the rolling train of life
The journey of a husband and a wife
They are seekers after spirit, harmony and art
Finely tuned to the frequency of the heart

(repeat chorus)

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