Pull up the covers…

I figured I’d better write these down somewhere. There’s a growing list of tunes by friends of mine that I’d like to cover, and I keep forgetting which ones I mean to do.

These are in no particular order, I think.

Nathan Caswell, Missing You
Ron Nigrini, Bed of Roses
David Leask, Between Him & Me
Dave Carmichael, Dream Within a Dream
Katherine Wheatley, 99 Feet of Snow
Jory Nash, A Terrible Man
Ian Tamblyn, Voice in the Wilderness

While I’m at it, here are a few friends’ tunes I already perform or have performed in the past:

Ian Tamblyn: Angel’s Share, Frost is on the Pumpkin
Trevor Mills: Below a Marble Stone, Military Governmental Contract, Phantom Bugles
Bob Snider: If I Sang It Pretty
Aengus Finnan: Wild Rose, Julia B. Merrill, Fool’s Gold
Jory Nash: Jericho Now

And here are a few songs of mine that other people do or have done:

When the Whistle Blows: Aengus Finnan, Molly McLure
Breakin’ Down: Greg Hobbs
Waiting for Rosalie: Gregg Lawless
Dirty Little Duty: Shawn Sage
Here to Stay: Debbie Fleming, ChoirGirlz
when Gordie Came Home From the War: Aengus Finnan
Two Wolves Fighting: Claire Jenkins
Anyone But You: Suzie Vinnick

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