Now what?

As I write this, I’m just about to leave for Ottawa for the 8th and final show on this year’s “The Way We Feel” tour, a tribute to Gordon Ligthfoot now in its fourth season.

And what is the way we feel? I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me this tour has been transformative. I guess when you drive all over Central Ontario on a breakneck pace for a couple of weeks, singing the songs of a Canadian hero to really appreciative audiences, it’s bound to be some kind of good for you.

For me it’s been the tough kind of good. I’ve certainly enjoyed the shows, and the backstage camaraderie is wonderful. As always, the music is inspiring and it feels righteous to be presenting the show. And as the host and a four-year veteran of this adventure, I’ve got a role to play and a significant contribution to make.

But now it’s nearly done, and as the tour ends, so does another little chunk of my life, another iteration of my self. David Newland, version 36.11. Spring is fully upon us. I’ve finished up a couple of big projects and another couple are soon to be put to bed. I’ll spend the month of May swinging a hammer around my home, getting grounded in the garden and working out the logistics for my summer. Oh, and doing my taxes…

And the days will unfold as they tend to do, opportunities will arise I’m sure, and the forecast is calling for lots of introspection. Perhaps out of all that, some sense of clarity will descend, and I’ll have something to answer that nagging and occasionally overwhelming question: now what?

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