If This House Could Talk

A few weeks ago, radio producer Peter Stock of CIUT asked me if he could tag along on my walk home from work. He’d heard the story about me living in the home my dad grew up in, and wanted to share some of the sense of history that inspires me on a daily basis.

So Peter joined me on my walk home. We started at my workplace, Canoe.ca.

That’s just around the corner from the warehouse my grandfather worked in, which we also visited.

Taking about an hour to do my usual 25 minute walk, we wound up in south Riverdale in the old row house that’s been in the family since 1888.

There we chatted about history, family, carpentry, and legacy, occasionally joined by my curious and vocal cat. If you have 8 minutes and 45 seconds, feel free to bend an ear to these snippets from our conversation – mostly about the house – as heard on Take5 one Wednesday morning.

Hope you enjoy it

2 comments on “If This House Could Talk

  1. That was so lovely. I miss 203 Hamilton and its occupants. :)

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