2008 Grades

Last year I made a bunch of resolutions and published them in this space.

Before resolving anything this year, I thought I’d better grade myself on last year’s performance.

Here are the results, vetted by someone who knows me well enough to know.

Reduce, reuse, recycle: A
Take trains or transit instead of the car: A+
Bike or walk wherever and whenever possible: A
Avoid pop, candy and salty snacks: B-
Drink no more than one coffee per day: C
Drink less beer: D
Eat less meat: B
Keep “date night” sacred: C
Meditate: D
Avoid situations that compromise discipline: C+
Make constant improvements to the home: B+
Be there for friends and family: B+
Camp, hike, and canoe often: B-
Work at writing, music, and performance: A
Avoid over-commitment: C+
Sleep sufficiently: B
Listen well: B-
Communicate clearly: B+
Avoid rudeness: B+
Pet the cat: A-

I’ve never had such a bad report card in my life; on the other hand, I give myself an A for picking mostly the right things to work on. And the goals were pretty lofty, I admit.

Being honest about the problems is essential to their solution.

Happy New Year-


One comment on “2008 Grades

  1. Your maths higher report was much worse…so was mine.
    Be well my brother.


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