25 things you didn’t know

This “25 things” meme is like karaoke, or square dancing: once it reaches a certain point you just have to join in and have a good time.

So here goes.

1. Growing up on Georgian Bay did more to shape me than almost anything else.

2. I consider myself ethnically Canadian.

3. Music moves me in ways I can only describe as divine.

4. Every day I run the gamut from exhilaration to despair, often before 10 am.

5. I am elitist in my sensitivities, but populist in my sympathies.

6. I accept the Buddhist precepts but I am a very poor practitioner.

7. I cannot watch horror, or any movie or show where children or animals are hurt.

8. My main best habits are eating well, walking, and staying in touch with friends.

9. I find gambling and pornography both offensive.

10. I’ve run every vehicle I’ve owned into the ground.

11. Besides English and French, I speak basic Spanish and some Norwegian.

12. Planting 300,000+ trees in my twenties made me rather treeish in thought.

13. I’m extremely sensitive to passive-aggressive behaviour.

14. I’m an unskilled, undisciplined hockey player with a foul mouth.

15. I hate it when people assume I’m left-leaning, politically.

16. I regret not having found a religious community I feel comfortable in.

17. I have nearly managed to free myself of the concept of linear time.

18. I don’t care what is done with my body when I die.

19. I think schadenfreude is a dangerous indulgence.

20. I can forgive anybody but myself.

21. I don’t believe in taking credit for artistic inspiration.

22. I think consciousness is the unexplored frontier.

23. My attitude about love is conflicted and mostly unromantic.

24. I believe I am meant to have a national outlet for my voice and perspective.

25. The only person who’s ever made perfect sense to me is my daughter Jayke.

One comment on “25 things you didn’t know

  1. I somehow initially misread your first one as “I consider myself ethically Canadian.”

    It made just as much sense to me, for some reason.

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