Dear Santa…

Dear Santa, old fellow, how are you this year?
And how are the missus and all the reindeer?

I’m writing because it’s the thing that one does:
The annual letter to good Mr. Claus
You know it’s a custom, tradition demands
But I have no wishes to make your commands!

Saint Nicholas, sir, you right jolly old elf
I’m happy to say I want nothing myself
That is, in the way of the usual things
Truth is, I’m not fond of what this season brings:

The hustle, the bustle, the cost and the stress -
The shop til-you-dropping and all of the mess.
The sleigh bells incessant, the chimes and the cheer
Enough to drive anyone nuts every year.

I’m not being Scroogey. I won’t spoil the mood!
I’m grateful for family, glad for the food
I’m still giving out gifts to my loved ones, you see
But Santa, would you please bring NOTHING for me?

In my estimation, I’m overly blessed!
But I wonder if you would still grant this request:
My loved ones and I have too much, or a lot
So please give my goodies to those who have not:

The man in the street with the bruise on his eye
Who’s asking for handouts to all who walk by
The lady who wanders and mumbles and squawks
And drags dirty bags along busy sidewalks

The kids who are torn between parents who fight
The lost and the lonely who cry in the night
The refugees torn from their faraway nations
Those stuck in hospitals, or police stations

Those who are hungry and those who feel sorrow
Those who have nothing to hope for tomorrow
Those who have lost their dear loved ones this holiday
Those for whom Christmas is far from a jolly day

Those who can’t read, let alone write you notes
Those without boots, without warm overcoats
Those who will go without holiday dinners
The poor and downtrodden, the cynics and sinners

The weak and the meek and the sick and the lame
I have to say, Christmas would be quite a shame
If they didn’t somehow get some of their due
And so that’s my only wish this year for you…

I’m not asking miracles. I know you’re busy.
This time of year we are all in a tizzy.
But if there’s a way we can all share the cheer,
I think Christmastime will be perfect this year.

And even if not – I will try for my part
To keep in my thoughts and to hold in my heart
Those who have nothing, when I have so much
And send them my prayers, and warm wishes and such.

Well, I’m sure you’re busy and I’m rambling away!
Thanks for your time, Santa – have a good day.
And have a great holiday Christmas of white,
And merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good night…

One comment on “Dear Santa…

  1. Dear David!
    Thinking of You, there’s warmth in my Heart,
    although we’re living so far apart
    The world Seems in a mess, but we’re tryin’ our best
    Let’s Be grateful and lovin’, Love will Do The rest
    I Do wish you peaceful times too,
    You’re loving yourself-and I love you too
    Livin ‘ in The Moment , that’s all there’s to Do
    So live well my friend- may God bless you too

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