Bandidos: brotherhood betrayed

Few crime cases in Canada have earned the notoriety of the Bandido massacre.

From the time the bodies of eight bikers were discovered in rural southwestern Ontario, to the moment six of their “brothers” were convicted of the slaying, the Bandidos captured Canada’s attention – and Canoe’s audience was captivated by the coverage.

It was an event that shocked the nation – but what was it really about?

According to Peter Edwards, the author of “The Bandido Massacre: A True Story of Bikers, Brotherhood and Betrayal,” perhaps the most shocking thing is that the killing wasn’t about anything at all.

In a gripping account of the rise and fall of the Bandidos in Canada, Edwards reveals that the Canadian chapters of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club had formally ceased to exist by the time of the massacre. They were feuding over control of a non-entity.

Even before they’d been stripped of their status by central command in the U.S., the Bandidos in Canada were hardly deserving of the term “bikers” – few of their members even had bikes on the road.

--The Bandidos purported to be about brotherhood – but that brotherhood was betrayed when six “bikers” killed eight others in a bizarre and drawn-out murder sequence on the farm of self-styled kingpin Wayne Kellestine.

The ultimate irony is the book’s climax. Edwards notes that Wayne Kellestine and his henchmen killed their “brothers,” including Kellestine’s close friend Boxer Muscadere, rather than be abandoned by them – but Boxer’s last act on Earth was to laugh in Kellestine’s face.

Peter Edwards’s account is both spellbinding, and eye-opening. In this video excerpt from an extensive interview, he gives his own opinion on the tragic events that will forever be known as The Bandido Massacre.

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