Dan Hill in Conversation

Legendary Canadian songwriter Dan Hill has been much in the media spotlight lately.

The man who wrote “Sometimes When We Touch” and a slew of hits for the likes of Celine Dion and the Backstreet Boys has returned to his musical roots, touring Canada with his first solo album in ten years, Intimate.

Always a songwriter of unusual sensitivity, Hill has widened his work as a storyteller to explore race, family, friendship and loss in words and music.

A year ago, Hill published his first book, the autobiographical “My Father’s Son“, exploring his relationship with his father, Dr. Daniel G. Hill, first Director of the Ontario Human Rights Commission.

He has become a public advocate for Black History in Canada, and penned a profound and personal piece for Canoe on that subject a year ago, My Ancestors Are Alive in Me.

Dan Hill recently released Are You Ready, a song co-written with his lifelong friend, the late Paul Quarrington.

We chatted about a life and a career spent in words and music, and Dan played a selection from the song that inspired his book, I Am My Father’s Son.

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