The tale of Toronto by tweet

For those of us living in downtown Toronto, this weekend has been intense and unforgettable.

This city with a global reputation for “everyone getting along” is suddenly the side of violent clashes between so-called “protesters” and police.

Many are worried about the G8 and G20 riots leaving a lasting mark on the city’s reputation.

But is that likely? I’ve been monitoring tweets about Toronto for indications. Here’s a sample.

what the hell is going on with #toronto?

My heart feels so heavy about what is happening in the city I love…Toronto…I could cry. #G20 #Toronto #Protest #humanrights

No tea party in Toronto. Who is rioting at #G20? COMMUNISTS #tcot

I support the #toronto cops! Gas those anarchists

Riot. Riot. Riot. Everyone is rioting in Toronto. They dress in black. Lots of them have ski goggles. I just thought I would tell you

Where are these angry vandals during a normal week in #Toronto? They go to our schools and eat at our restaurants; they walk among us. #G20

Seems to me civil liberties & basic human rights being violated in Toronto. Gone too far. #G20

What on earth is going on in Toronto? Good golly – I’m glad I’m in New York!

I tip my hat to all policemen/women in Toronto. They’re containing those morons quite well. #G20

Nah–Toronto still has to import people to do the real rioting. Nowhere near Montreal participation levels.

A quote re: the G20 summit in Toronto: “If you hate capitalism, move to North Korea.” Discuss. #G20

Anybody that takes their child to the Toronto protest is a moron and should be charged with child endangerment…

@TorontoPolice you want our help after attacking peaceful protestors today? Shame on Toronto Police!!

I think there’s a hottopic in Toronto…

My city is physically and emotionally in shambles. Where is batman when you need him? #toronto #G20 #fail #policestate

Toronto: I am watching.

Riots in Toronto. Police cars on fire. #G20 hooligans run rampant in the streets. No authorities anywhere. Normal day in Gotham.

I’ve been wanting to visit Toronto, because I’ve heard it’s a beautiful city with lots to offer, protestors are screwing that up. Stop #G20

hell yeaah ,Im getting out of toronto before the protesters burn my ass! I’m almost at the border:) DUTY FREE TIME!

Heading home to Toronto soon. Should I bother setting the GPS or just drive towards the billow of smoke on the horizon? #G20

I HEART you Toronto!

Do you think this will leave a black mark on Toronto the Good’s good name?

5 comments on “The tale of Toronto by tweet

  1. Who cares?

  2. David Newland

    June 27, 2010 at 2:38 pm

    Evidently, you do.

  3. I’m not coming home until everyone goes AWAY!

  4. For ‘C’s sakes. we all have access to twitter is we want to.

  5. Hey anon,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Of course we all have access to Twitter. But not everyone has the time, the inclination, the wherewithal or the experience to sift through thousands of tweets worth of citizen journalism and curate it appropriately.

    Personally, I’d rather write commentary, but it’s important that people used to more mainstream media (assuming blogs are now mainstream!) get a taste of what’s out there in a way they can wrap their heads around.

    I’m very open to suggestions about how to provide that service.

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