Tweet tweet, we protest!

As the G8/G20 summits heat up, so do the rhetoric and the rumours.

One moment an official is warning of “professional protestors” planning to wreak havoc in Toronto. The next, peaceful citizens are shocked to see police officers travelling in swarms along a commercial area of Queen Street.

Police reports indicate stashes of “weapons of opportunity,” video from a protest shows cops pushing peaceful protesters around.

What’s the deal, exactly? Twitter doesn’t have all the answers, but these Tweets sure raise some interesting questions…

Seeing Canadian reporters tweet as if they’ve never been to Toronto under the guise of covering the G20 is effing hilarious.

Do U think that Canada is rife with Anarchists, or R we just willing 2 make a little noise to prove a point?

Since they built a fence and hired all those cops, I feel a need to go protest #getmymoneyworth #g20

let’s turn the “security fence” into a jail and keep the G20 inside until power is back with the people. #g20report

#G20 detention centre update: Come out for solidarity @ 9am to 2201 Finch W courtroom rm 203 #g20report

Inspiring to march against the G20 with allies in Toronto, and to reconnect with friends across Canada, sharing our struggles. #g20report

@gewissensbiss: #Canada is becoming a police state “Police pushes through act to arrest without warrant” #nog20 #g20report #antirep

& what the hell does that mean when someone says I’d rather “educate” myself and others than go out and protest? #g20

When the cops attack citizens with brutality, this is unjust. When politicians alter laws to oppress protest, this is unjust. #g20

All protest routes smell like horse shit now. #g20

I propose we do a protest where we all blow on vuvuzelas, since the protests won’t exactly go anywhere. Bring ear plugs. #g20 #toronto

#G20 protestors don’t seem to realize that it is THEIR inability to protest peacefully which is why we’re spending a $billion on security.


Hey, if the protest turns up Spadina, could someone pick me up a mu shu pork at Kings Noodle? #G20 #G8

Every state is a police state. It’s just they can’t hide it anymore. #G20 #G20report


I thought Friday’s march was well handled and managed by the police force. Glad things didn’t escalate beyond few scuffles & shouting. #g20

Relaxing at home, watching World Cup highlights, & reading my posts from #G20 Gender Justice March. It was very exciting & mostly peaceful.

Jazz festival or #G20 protest?…what should I do in #Toronto this weekend?

Could a protest group #G20 please do something to knock the annoying helicopters out of the sky. Keep flying ’round making it hard 2 sleep.

#G20 protest chasing is so much fun! The peaceniks had amazingly talented drummers.

the self fulfilling nature of #G20 police/protest relations has me shaking my head. Just as always, the real issues are being glossed over.

One thing’s for sure: if everyone who tweeted, wrote it down on a sign and showed up to wave¬† it, there’d be a sea of pickets in downtown Toronto. Oh- except they confiscate pickets and leave you with the limp sign or banner.

Bummer. Who wants to be left holding the tweet?

2 comments on “Tweet tweet, we protest!

  1. I hope you didnt get paid for this article. Cut and paste journalism in its rawest form. I guess we should appreciate the fact you didnt even try and hide it.

  2. Thanks for the comment, but I think you’ve missed the point.

    Tweets are the citizen’s view of this event, and everyone who tweets is looking to be read.

    I’ve just given space to twenty more points of view than would otherwise have been represented here. I’ve also introduced these authors to a whole new audience.

    How is that a bad thing?

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