Garden in a barrel

Here it is: my new barrel garden, courtesy of Chris at Farm in the City.

We met up at the Evergreen Farmer’s Market at where inspiration, creativity ecology and local organic awareness swirl together. It’s a great place to meet people who are working on issues that really matter and doing what they love.

The principle of the garden in a barrel is pretty simple. Chris customizes used olive oil barrels, fills them full of soil (a by-product of the dew-worm industry), and plants them full of plants. Water, and watch ‘em grow.

In my case, we had to haul the soil through the house in buckets: about ten buckets to fill up the barrel, plus a healthy helping of kelp meal mixed in.

The system is ideal for those with small spaces like balconies, roofs and backyard decks.

Or for people like me: I’ve already let nature take over in the 15 x 32 feet of backyard I’m blessed to have. In any case I’m not so sure about my soil – it’s fine for berries and the like, but for fresh greens I’m glad to have clean stuff.

Once I finish some work on the bottom of my canoe, and get it out of the backyard and back to its storage spot in a friend’s yard I’ll wrestle the barrel right in next to the picnic table.

I’ll rotate it every couple of days to make sure all the plants get their fair share of sun, and with any luck Chris says I can expect to harvest good greens right into November.

I’ll let Chris explain all about the good things I’m going to have to eat between now and December in this little video.

Here’s hoping the raccoons don’t like kohlrabi…


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