Jay Ingram celebrates science

Author, journalist, radio broadcaster, public speaker and TV host Jay Ingram is a familiar face to Canadians for his various public endeavours, always in pursuit of the enjoyment and understanding of science.

Jay’s had a career studded with highlights – from hosting CBC Radio’s Quirks & Quarks, to authoring columns for the Toronto Star, to writing a series of best-selling books, to hosting talks about the science of sex with a live blues band.

He’s on a first name basis with the world’s great scientists, astronauts and inventors, and rubs elbows with celebrities, politicians and public figures – all the while retaining a boyish “gee whiz” appreciation for geek stuff and gadgetry.

Jay Ingram’s latest milestone was celebrating 15 years of hosting the Discovery Channel science show Daily Planet (formerly @discovery.ca), with the Greatest Show Ever from the Ontario Science Centre.

And, in tribute to his tireless advocacy of science in the public sphere, Jay Ingram recently was named a Companion of the Order of Canada.

I took a few minutes to catch up with Jay, a friend and former colleague, and discuss what motivates him to popularize and promote science in all his professional pursuits.

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