Forsythia blooming

It’s a rainy day where I am.

The sky has that grey glow you see at this time of year.

It’s as if the promised sunshine of springtime has been muzzled by drizzle and clouds.

That grey glow feels good on my eyes though, as I gaze out my window and ponder my place in the world.

And then there’s burst of forsythia blooming, crowning the little backyard with glorious blossoms.

It’s an extraordinary sight, that extravagant yellow glow as happy as the sunshine itself.

Trite as the old saying maybe, April showers really do bring forth May flowers.

And here are the May flowers, alive and all a-glow to prove it so.

Never mind that the showers haven’t stopped.

Forsythia blooming, in my back yard?

Oh fortunate me, for the clouds and the rain!

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