Voyageur encore on Lake Superior

Seven years ago now, I had the chance to do a trip of a lifetime: I took a five-day musical canoe trip along the shore of Lake Superior.

Rodney Brown—one of my musical mentors, and a bard of northwestern Ontario’s voyageur history—was the artist-host, and I went along as photographer and videographer.

Captivated by the inland sea, intoxicated by the clear air, inspired by the northern lights and the starry skies over the campfire, and transfixed by the rugged rocky islands, I dreamed I would one day return with my own songs.

This summer, that dream comes true—I’m retracing my steps to do that same journey as a musical voyageur myself on the Rossport Folk Tour.

And you’re invited too. Fans and friends of folk music, of canoeing, of the outdoors and of our mighty Canadian history, please join me if you can on this incredible adventure.

We’ll follow the old voyageur route in a freighter canoe, 5 days journey from Rossport to Red Rock, visiting remote islands, deep woods, and paddling along the greatest lake in the world. We’ll meet moose and loons and swap stories around campfires.

We’ll visit the pictographs and leave tobacco, knowing that as we paddle the ancient route in this way, we must honour Mishibizhiw, the lynx whose spirit roils the lake.

Our journey complete, we’ll sing our way through the weekend at the wonderful Live from the Rock Folk Festival.

The skies over Lake Superior are calling my name. Are they calling yours?

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