Interview on Cross Country Checkup

I’ve been writing for Maclean’s online lately, and a series of three articles about the Olympics got me an invitation to appear on CBC’s Cross Country Checkup.

Here they are:

An Olympic identity crisis
What we crave is not an amateur athletics event. What we crave is a reality show

Fixing the Olympics, reality-show style
More guts. More glory. More gore. More nudity. What’s not to like?

Go easy on the gesamtkunstwerk
Trust the Germans to have precisely the word for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Cross Country Checkup is a program I’ve long appreciated (and sometimes been driven crazy by) on my long drives home from Montreal on Sunday afternoons. In fact I’ve been listening since I was just a kid.

So it was a pleasure to have their producer notice my work, track me down (at a gig in Port Hope, no less!) and book me for an appearance on the show.

I spent most of Sunday as if preparing for a gig: trying to shed anxiety and reside in the moment. If there’s one thing I don’t want to do, it’s sound like an idiot on national radio. Especially not when I’m discussing a subject people are very passionate about.

Fortunately, I didn’t get out of my comfort zone. Guest host Anne Medina was decent to me, and although we didn’t really get into the content of my articles, we did have a good conversation and I think I turned in a decent performance.

For the curious, here is our interview. You can also listen to a podcast of the complete episode, Are you watching the Olympic Games?

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