The Borealis Trail

Home Routes tour, spring 2014
Home Routes tour, spring 2014

After 25 years chipping away at the art and craft of song, I am still delighted by the opportunities that making music creates in my life. Madly off in all directions, indeed.

I’ve played my way across the country by train, I’ve picked and paddled along the shore of Lake Superior by canoe, I’ve sung into the ice and awe of the Northwest Passage by ship – all because I could strum a guitar and write a song that tells a story.

Now the latest: I’m heading out for two weeks on the Borealis Trail playing homes, galleries and museums in north-central Manitoba and Saskatchewan. To be cruising the highways of the Prairie and the Shield just as the winter is receding seems to me a rare and beautiful opportunity.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the folks at Home Routes, who put this tour together, and to the people at every stop willing to offer their own homes and hospitality to a wanderer.

Every mile of the landscape is a song in itself. My job is to find and sing that song as I make my way along. As we sing, we’re sung.

Buena Vista, Annaheim, Greenwater Lake, Swan River, The Pas, Thompson, Flin Flon, Prince Albert, La Ronge, Melfort, and Big River: may we all be sung gladly into this glorious spring.

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  1. Looks like a great trip. I wonder if Home Routes needs drivers. Some old folkies might be interested.

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