Doodling for dollars

Guitar2-undecoratedA couple of weeks ago, I found a second-hand Simpsons-Sears classical guitar in good shape for $20.00 at a local second hand store, and naturally, I brought it home.

The urge came upon me to decorate the guitar, as a gift for a friend.

Having had good luck doing the one that’s become my workhorse, I raised the bar a bit for this one: I used two colours of Sharpies, rather than one. (I biked all over town to find a green one). As it turned out, I also wound up covering the entire face of the guitar, though I didn’t know I would when I started out.

The process took several days of intermittent work, as it did with the previous guitar. Frankly, although I was pleased with the results this time, I wasn’t blown away. But my friends on Facebook disagreed.

Somehow the photo of the completed guitar struck a chord, ha ha, and it got a more enthusiastic response than anything I’ve posted in a long, long while.

I even got a commission to do a uke, which I gladly accepted.

Maybe my fine arts degree is paying off at last. I never thought I’d be decorating instruments with felt pens. But who am I to argue? I never thought I’d be doing posters for performances either.

So here I go. Now I’m doodling for dollars. Isn’t whimsy wonderful?


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