For the Love of Pete: The Legacy of Pete Seeger

Seeger_posterWhen Pete Seeger died last year, it was as if a light had gone, not out of the world, but INTO the world. Like a mighty tree that falls, opening the forest to receive light, fertilizing the earth with its own substance, Pete returned his very being to those who believe in what he stood for.

I am the least of those: a reluctant activist at best, seldom a joiner, and far from an ideal example of how to live a life that makes a difference. But from the moment Pete died I knew someone had to assemble a tribute and ensure that Pete’s legacy lived on in the Ontario roots community he had so influenced, often in very direct, personal ways.

My first thought was this needs to be done; my second was, someone more qualified than me should do it. My third thought was the realization that if everyone who saw what needed to be done thought that way, it wouldn’t happen.

So here we are. We sold out the Room for two stellar shows last year, and we’re back for another this year. Many of the performers on stage met Pete; all were influenced by him and wear that influence with pride.

It’s my pleasure and privilege to be working with Ken Whiteley, Tannis Slimmon, Evalyn Parry, James Keelaghan, Crabtree & Mills, James Gordon, Magoo, Bill Heffernan, Jerry Gray and Mike Daley, along with house band members Paul Mills and David Celia—for the Love of Pete!

Sunday, May 3rd, 2015
Hugh’s Room

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