Showcasing at Folk Music Ontario

There’s no question that working with Adventure Canada has had enormous influence on my songwriting, and my public profile. I wouldn’t be touring The Northwest Passage in Story and Song if not for my multiple Arctic trips!¬†But more than anything, what excites me about working with AC is combining travel with creativity to create opportunity, especially for artists who are connecting with the landscapes and cultures of Canada.

I’m grateful that Adventure Canada has agreed to sponsor a showcase at Folk Music Ontario‘s annual conference to present musicians who have travelled aboard our Arctic trips: Ian Tamblyn, Iva, Lynda Brown & Heidi Langille (Siqiniq Qilaut), Kevin Closs, and me, with members of Uncharted Waters.

I’ll be playing a few songs from the Northwest Passage material, along with my pals Steafan Hannigan and Saskia Tomkins.

I’m also hosting the Songs From The Heart Showcase, afternoon on Saturday, and¬†appearing at a couple of private showcases:

ArtsCan Circle, Room 415, 01:00 AM on Friday night.
Letting Artists Make Art, Room 407, Saturday at 12:30 PM.

Hope to see you there. Can’t wait!


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