Folk Alliance International Showcases

David Newland FAI Ad
I’m thrilled to be heading to the Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City over the next few days. This is an incredible gathering of artists, organizers, volunteers, and music lovers, all gathering to celebrate the power of music to inspire and educate.

I’ve got a few private showcases lined up as per the image:
Wednesday at 10:30 pm, Room 534
Thursday at 3:00 pm, Room 534 (in the round with Bobby Dove, Abigail Lapell, Eve Sheldon)
Thursday at 2:15 am, Room 640
Friday at 10:30 pm, Room 727
Saturday at 3:30 pm, Room 727

In addition to my showcase appearances, I’ll be hosting the Folk Music Canada room (Suite 534) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. I’m also looking forward to moderating the 60 Soapbox feature on Saturday afternoon at 1 PM in the Century Foyer.

So many of my favourite friends and artists will be there, it’s a little like a wedding… with 2500 guests, almost all of them in the band!

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