Remembering Bill Lishman

I’ve only met one true Renaissance man, and that was William Lishman. I marveled at his sculptures at Expo 86, heard stories of his underground house, and was deeply inspired by his ultralight flying exploits—portrayed in the films Fly Away Home and Winged Migration.

Little did I know I would one day share ships and stages with Bill, visit those same sculptures and enjoy the hospitality of that remarkable home, and even host the launch of his photographic book about the Oak Ridges Moraine. I particularly treasure Bill giving me a personal tour of the aircraft in the Canadian Aviation Museum at an RCGS gala.

Bill was interested in everything – from alien conspiracies to Arctic housing – and was keen to apply his brilliant mind and boundless energy to any challenge or opportunity.

I can’t imagine doing more with a life than he did. I know all the staff and fellow travellers at Adventure Canada feel the same: Bill flew higher and saw farther than anyone.

I imagine him entering the great unknown with eyes wide, wings outstretched, and a great big grin. Safe home, Father Goose! We are really going to miss you

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