Northbound: Orillia, Feb 21


Can’t wait to do this amazing show in Orillia. We’ve been there with the band twice before, playing to very enthusiastic audiences, but the show keeps growing and growing, and with the new album on the way we’ve never sounded better.

This year we’ll be sharing the stage with our good friends Siqniup Qilauta / Sunsdrum – – a pair of amazing Inuit throat-singers who are doing great work, keeping Inuit culture constantly revitalized in the south.

This show – supported by Adventure Canada and co-sponsored by Mariposa Folk Foundation and the Huronia Cultural Campus - will raise funds for Twin Lakes Secondary school’s student exchange to Clyde River, Nunavut. Can’t wait!

David Newland & UNCHARTED WATERS (Saskia Tompkins, Steafan Hannigan, Sam Allison)
Siqiniup Qilauta/Sunsdrum, Inuit Cultural Performers

Thursday, February 21st
St Paul’s Centre Great Hall
62 Peter St North,


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