Winter Folk Camp, March 1-4 2019

WFC Print

Funny thing: I’ve never been to camp. I’ve been camping, of course, starting with car camping as a kid and working my way up to hiking trips, canoe trips, and now car camping with MY kids.

And I’ve lived in camps: I was a tree planter, spending six seasons living in bush camps in a tent. But the closest I’ve come to going to camp was spending 10 days in a silent meditation retreat in a scout camp over Christmas and New Year’s in 1997/98.

So it’s a real thrill to be one of the presenters and facilitators for the amazing Winter Folk Camp, based in Haliburton. I’ve dreamed of being involved in this excellent endeavour for a while — and the chance to work with some of my favourite musical colleagues makes this a dream come true!

If you’ve ever wanted to deepen your musical skills and experience, this is the perfect opportunity to do so in a supportive and creative environment, with some of the finest people and musicians anywhere!

My stream is the Canadian campfire, and I think we’ll be reinventing it for the better. Hope to see you there!

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