Carol Anne Judd: Living Things

CarolAnneJudd_LivingThingsCarol Anne Judd and I have worked together on a number of occasions, and she’s taught me a lot. Her frank, yet kind advocacy for people living with disabilities led me to avoid using inaccessible venues for my live shows.

Despite not being able to see some of the early shows, Carol Anne supported my NORTHBOUND project from the get-go. She hired my friends Siqiniup Qilauta / Sunsdrum and I to perform at a remarkable Canada 150 show at Trinity United Church, where we later made an album. She was there for the album recording too, joining the choir that adorns the song Out Upon the Land.

I’ve admired Carol Anne’s photography for some time and knew she was a poet as well, so it was a treat to get to interview her about her new book of poetry, Living Things. As always she was a great conversation partner and full of enthusiastic insight.

Click to listen to the interview with Carol Anne Judd on Northumberland 89.7.

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