Raven Kanatakta remembers Shingoose

When the Ojibway Anishnaabe singer-songwriter Shingoose died recently after battling COVID and other health complications, I knew just who to talk to.

Raven Kanatakta is the JUNO-award winning guitarist, producer and songwriter of the roots-rock-reggae band Digging Roots.

I knew Shingoose only from his single, Silver River, which was featured on the Native North America compilation CD.

Raven knows first-hand about Curtis Johnnie a.k.a. Shingoose’s contributions to the music scene, including the establishment of the Indigenous JUNO category.

We spoke about the work and legacy of the late Shingoose and on his particular gift of enthusiasm.

Listen to the interview with Raven Kanatakta from The Morning show on Northumberland 89.7

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