Rick Fines: Solar Powered Too

coverRick Fines is a veteran musician on the Canadian roots/folk/blues scene, with a slew of albums and awards to his credit.

We got to know one another originally through the annual Lightfoot celebration “The Way We Feel” and seen one another frequently at festivals and events over the years.

I think our last solid hang may have been when we attended Cooder-White-Skaggs along with what seemed like 90 per cent of Toronto’s roots scene…

Anyway, Rick’s latest album Solar Powered Too picks up where Solar Powered left off: one man and his guitar in a cabin in the woods, making songs and recording them by solar power. With Alex Fraser as producer, some of the songs wound up getting a little extra love that included the likes of Roly Platt on harmonica, Gary Craig on drums, Suzie Vinnick, Melissa Payne & Samantha Martin on vocals.

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with Rick — and great to see this album appearing on the folk roots charts and best-of lists.

Click to listen to the interview with Rick Fines on Northumberland 89.7.

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