Cynthia Reyes: author, activist, advocate

cynthiareyes_agoodhomeCynthia Reyes impressed me from our first meeting, at the Spirit of The Hills arts festival a couple of years back. And every subsequent meeting has confirmed that first feeling of admiration.

Certain people wear their achievements comfortably, and Cynthia is one. As an author, reporter, producer, gardener, activist, and advocate she has worked at the highest levels, and earned an enviable list of accolades. Yet her foremost gift may be that of making other people at ease. That┬áhas served her well whether working in news for the likes of CBC and APTN, or living as a person of colour in some of Canada’s less diverse rural environs.

I was keen to talk to Cynthia about the impetus behind her anti-racist kids’ book, Myrtle the Purple Turtle but I knew our conversation would roam freely from there. It did!

Listen to the interview with Cynthia Reyes from Northumberland 89.7

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