Leela Gilday: North Star Calling gets the JUNOS call


Nobody closes a show like Leela Gilday: her voice is simply astonishing in its power and depth. Power and depth are defining qualities of her music, too, drawing on her Dene connections to spirit and land in song.

Leela’s work hit a new high with her latest album, North Star Calling, and herĀ on-screen operatic role with the critically acclaimed Messiah/Complex.

Like her friend Julian Taylor, Leela is nominated for JUNOS this year in both Indigenous Album and Contemporary Roots Album of the year categories. But with typical modesty, she heard the announcement… while cleaning her fridge!

Does it all add up to a watershed moment? I wondered… and Leela answered, in a conversation that was as broad as it was deep.

Listen to the conversation with Leela Gilday from Northumberland89.7

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