Preetam Sengupta brings people together

preetam-sengupta-1Preetam Sengupta is one of those artists you simply can’t describe without saying “AND” a lot.

As in, he’s a singer-songwriter AND an organizer AND an event creator AND a bridge between the folk, and hip-hop communities…

We talked about musical influences, bringing people together across genres, and the incredible success of the recent Northern Power Summit.

AND we didn’t even have time to get to┬áhis work on the board of Folk Music Ontario or his recovery from major cranial surgery.

That just means we’ll have to talk again soon!

Listen to the conversation with Preetam Sengupta from Northumberland 89.7

(I’ll be presenting Preetam as part of a showcase I’m hosting for Music My Mother Wouldn’t Like on May 25, 2021)

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