We3: Saskia Tomkins, Katie Hoogendam, Shannon Linton

The pandemic has offered a few silver linings. One is the fact that three of the most inspiring artists in Northumberland County are coming together as a kind of virtual collective.

We3 is the grouping of Saskia Tomkins (multi-instrumentalist, composer); Katie Hoogendam (writer, poet, broadcaster) and Shannon Linton (choir director, singer-songwriter).

I’ve admired all three of these artists individually. Saskia played in my band, Uncharted Waters for years, and really helped me put my music on the map. Katie interviewed me on her radio show and inspired me with her incredible poetic works. And I’ve introduced Shannon on stage (with Northern Hearts) at Cultivate Festival and been moved by her work with SONG (Sounds of the Next Generation) bringing kids to music.

Separately they are remarkable; together, formidable! Check out my interview with We3 from Northumberland 89.7 to hear how the We3 Patreon collective works to inspire and engage this amazing trio.

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