Rob Quartly uses his gifts to ease grief

Rob-Quartly-circleOne of the most fulfilling and inspiring things a person can do is to direct their gifts to the collective good.

That’s what Rob Quartly has done. The JUNO award-winning video director behind such hits as Cory Hart’s Sunglasses at Night and Gowan’s A Criminal Mind has turned his talents to helping people tell stories of grief and loss.

Grief Stories began as a simple idea to help a friend (co-founder Sean Danby) move through the loss of his wife. That personal project developed into an organization run by fourteen volunteers, including dedicated mental health professionals. Grief Stories offers curated video, audio, text, and resources for grievers—much of the content focusing on personal testimonials of grief.

I’ve admired Rob’s work for years, and I’ve been privileged to work with him a bit. He joined me on an Adventure Canada trip to Labrador, and helped create Which Way Does Your Compass Point, the mini-doc that accompanied my album NORTHBOUND.

With Grief Stories receiving its charitable status recently, it was high time we caught up. As always when I talk to Rob, I came away feeling inspired, enlightened, and motivated to use my own gifts for good.

Listen to the conversation with Rob Quartly of Grief Stories from Northumberland 89.7

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