Ken Tizzard has it covered

Ken Tizzard is relentless. Longtime bass player and songwriter for The Watchmen, onetime sideman for the late Ron Hynes, and sometime artistic director for the West Ben “House Concerts at the Clock Tower” concert series, he’s also a full-time singer-songwriter in his own right.

Given all that, it’s perhaps no surprise that when Ken set out to do an album of cover songs as a tidy little ‘pandemic project’, there was a bit of scope-creep. “All Together Now” wound up featuring dozens of artists, including members of The Watchmen, Nickelback, and Our Lady Peace, as well as roots scene pals like the The Young Novelists and Ian Foster.

Talking to Ken was instructive: he’s a guy who could give lessons in the true artistic work ethic! And he really does “cover” some ground on this album… with mindful versions of tracks ranging from Tom Petty, to Tears for Fears, and all stops in between!

Listen to the conversation with Ken Tizzard from Northumberland 89.7

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