Jan Vanderhorst on 40 years of Just Us Folk

JanVDH-JustUsFolkThe folk DJ is one of the unsung heroes of the roots music scene. Spinning tracks that are hard to find elsewhere, providing musicians with opportunities for conversation and connection, promoting albums and shows for musicians whose audiences are niche, and far-flung: these are just a few of the services folk DJs provide to their community. And nobody does all that better than Jan Vanderhorst, host of Just Us Folk.

Whether on-air or online; whether writing about music or conducting interviews backstage at festivals, Jan is a tireless servant of the community. With forty years of Just Us Folk under his belt–and new surprises on the way–it was a perfect time to check in, on-air, with one of the radio people I admire most.

Listen to the conversation with Jan Vanderhorst from Northumberland 89.7

PS the last time Jan and I spoke, he was interviewing me!

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