Serena Ryder: The Art of Falling Apart, and so much more

After twenty years of touring, Serena Ryder she could be forgiven for getting tired, or burnt out, or cynical.

Instead the reverse seems to the be the case: Serena is radiating a fresh and wholesome energy that truly inspires.

It’s not that there haven’t been pitfalls along the way: she’s been frank about her challenges with mental health and addiction.

But Serena found ways to turn those challenges into lessons–lessons she is generous enough to share in her latest album, The Art of Falling Apart.

She was also kind enough to share those lessons in a wide-ranging, heart-opening interview that includes insights into her work with Steve Earle and Sarain Fox among other gems.

Listen to the conversation with Serena Ryder from Northumberland 89.7

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