Cobourg Civic Award


I was surprised, and deeply humbled, to receive a Town of Cobourg Civic Award in Arts & Culture for my volunteer work with Northumberland 89.7 last year. This raised a lot of emotions for me, including gratitude, pride, embarrassment, and awkwardness all at once.

The time I put into hosting the Morning Show and the Summer Music Series on Northumberland 89.7 did not feel like work. Frankly, I was fortunate to have those roles, to anchor my creativity in my community as I underwent a difficult career and life transition.

I keep wondering, is it imposter syndrome if you actually are an imposter? Yes, I did put in a lot of time on air, prepping, and doing production (I did an estimate after hearing someone else’s hours mentioned at the ceremony, and it adds up). But there are DOZENS of volunteers doing likewise at the station, and HUNDREDS in the community who are deeply deserving. To be named along with the people who keep our town safe, well, and livable in countless ways moved me very deeply.

All I can do to express my gratitude is to double down on my own efforts, and I commit to doing that.

If you know someone who is doing great work, please take the time to recognize them. It means a lot!

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  1. Congratulations David!

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