Roots Rainbow

Trying to honour the contributions of LGBTQ2SI+ artists in music is like trying to count the stars in the sky.

To make this Pride Month special a little more manageable, I focused on folks you’d fileĀ in the folk-roots-indie category.

Enjoy Episode 23 of Spirit of the Song, Roots Rainbow, from Northumberland 89.7

Meryn Cadell, Lying
Tegan & Sara, Want to be Bad
Rae Spoon, Ghost of a Boy
Ashley MacIsaac, What An Idiot He Is
Madison Violet, If I Could Love You
Penny Lang, One Too Many Mornings
Amanda Rheaume, The Spaces in Between
Jeremy Dutcher, Mehcinut
Cris Derksen, Mozart’s Ghost
Christa Couture, To Us
Allison Russell Persephone
Eve Goldberg, Do You Want to Get Married

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