In Search of Lost Trees

David Newland In Search of Lost TreesMy latest project, In Search of Lost Trees, is a musical and storytelling performance about renewing relations with trees and forests.

On Sunday, November 12, I’ll perform In Search of Lost Trees at Trinity United Church in Cobourg, 3-5 PM.

The performance will feature songs, stories, and images inspired by a journey with my son Jasper, to Northern Ontario to find the first trees I planted in the summer of 1990. It’s a family-friendly show. Click here for tickets!

Special guests include Sam Allison, Shannon Linton, Jakeb Daniel and Lucas Marchand along with a pop-up Choir of Trees. Michael Nunan, who recorded Northbound (in the same building!) will be on hand to help with sound.

This story-and-song project was commissioned by the Northumberland Learning Connection to culminate their fall speaker series on trees, and is generously supported by Ten Thousand Villages Cobourg.

Sue Passmore did the wonderful poster design, and Johan Halberg-Campbell provided the portrait.

It takes a village — or a forest!

ISoLT_Newland Poster_V5_11x17

One comment on “In Search of Lost Trees

  1. Hello David, I was pleased to hear your comments on CBC this morning: I am pretty sure that the trees you planted near Armstrong so many years ago and that survived and are thriving, were trees that I was responsible for growing at the Thunder Bay Forest Station where I was the Superintendent from 1967 to 1983. I always heard if there were problems but rarely that the trees thrived. I hope that the other quarter billion or so that we shipped from there are doing as well. I wish you success with your interesting career, Dolf Wynia

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