David has a passion for radio and has appeared in numerous interviews, documentaries and features. He has also hosted and produced several podcasts, beginning with Jay Ingram’s Theatre of the Mind in 2006. Following are some of David’s audio highlights.

Artists’ Corner Interview with Kelly & Company on AMI Media, January 13, 2017

Northbound: An Arctic Appreciation Interview with Stevie Connor on Wee Dan’s Hoose, Blues And Roots Radio

The Northwest Passage in Story and Song Radio interview with Bob Steele of CBC London’s PM Drive

The Heartache and Healing of Finding my Birth Father
Documentary feature for CBC Radio’s Tapestry

Where did your bicycle take you? Feature on CBC Radio’s DNTO

David Newland’s House A mini-documentary about the former Newland home on Hamilton Street, Toronto

Thinking Out Loud podcast (all episodes). Spontaneous spoken word feature recorded via iPhone and streamed on Small Town Radio.

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