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David Newland’s writing first appeared in the Parry Sound North Star and Barrie Examiner in the early 1990s. Since then he has written for numerous magazines, newspapers, and periodicals including Watershed, The Toronto Star, London Free Press, Adbusters, Penguin Eggs, The Montreal Mirror, Owen Sound Sun-Times and more. He was shortlisted for a Writer’s Union of Canada short story award, and contributed to a nomination for Canoe.ca and two Gold Medals for Macleans.ca in the Canadian Online Publishing awards.

In October of 2011 David was awarded a Writers’ Works in Progress grant from the Ontario Arts Council to work on his first novel.

David Newland wrote scripts for educational CD-ROMs, described video, and audiobooks. He produced numerous web projects for Discovery Channel, and nearly 100 ‘Jay’s Journal’ segments for Daily Planet on Discovery Channel Canada. He co-hosted and produced Jay Ingram’s Theatre of the Mind podcast. He worked as web producer and photographer for the Gill Deacon show on CBC TV and also contributed to The Hour, No Opportunity Wasted, and Dragon’s Den sites. David was the manager of DiscoveryChannel.ca, editor-in-chief at Canoe.ca, the founding editor of Roots Music Canada, and a contributing writer and web editor for Macleans.ca.

David Newland wrote a regular column in The Link, an arts and entertainment quarterly. He also wrote brochures, marketing materials and occasional blog posts about his travels for AdventureCanada.com. He has also written for the outdoors journals Pathways & Qayak and the Nature Conservancy’s blog, Land Lines.

Read David’s personal blog, about life as a husband, father of three, artist, canoeist, bumbling handyman and spiritual seeker here.

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  1. I think you are the writer of an article in “The Link” entitled “What if Winter Never Came?” If so, I want to thank you for expressing my exact thoughts so well re: winter and its complainers. I must be a fellow “curmudgeon” because all those winter haters drive me nuts too. It’s nice to hear from a fellow Real Canadian who can love all of our seasons and appreciate Mother Nature for whatever she gives us.

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