Bowled Under

I didn’t watch the Superbowl yesterday. I usually don’t. Partly because I don’t follow football, and partly because it’s up there with the Oscars if you’re ranking events by ratio of “much ado/nothing.”

I did watch Paul McCartney’s half-time performance. I must admit I watched him pretty closely to see if he was lip-synching, because I heard that everyone does. If he was, he deserves a special Grammy for it. His show was amazing. He remains a truly great entertainer with incredible energy. All the lamers who have strutted themselves into public prominence lately should spend 10 years at the school of rock with Sir Paul. How ironic that when most of the people in the stands have no particular love for either team on the field, their fervent applause, a demonstration of genuine love for this man, was cut short by him being summarily whisked offstage. NEXT!

Anyway, the other Superbowly thing I did yesterday was to watch some of the Simpsons and most of the American Dad pilot. I don’t know if it’s come up in this space before, but I’m a big lover of cartoons, with the Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama, and Family Guy as my staples, and sci-fi anime from Japan my big treat.

Re: Simpsons: I heard somebody say recently that Pac-Man was the Elvis of video games. If that’s true, it may be that the Simpsons have become the Bob Dylan of sitcoms. On the one hand, they completely reinvented the genre, brought it to new heights of brilliance, and set the standard for everything to come. On the other hand, in the later years they really tend to stumble and mumble and intermittently suck. Then again, they occasionally reinvent themselves for stretches of unmitigated genius. Nevertheless, much like Dylan, just when you’d hope they’d come through for a big appearance (Oscars, say) they stink up the joint. That’s what they did last night with a poor and unfunny Superbowl episode. How is it that I can feel embarrassed for a cartoon?

Re: American Dad. WTF? Why even bother with this, if Seth McFarland is going to be re-doing Family Guy? It appears to be based on as flimsy a premise, and filled with the same bizarre gags apparently as a camouflage for there being no story or theme in sight. In this case, it appears there’s no character, either. And if you’re going to lampoon a CIA guy, for Pete’s sakes give the sarcasm some bite! The segment where God talks to Bush notwithstanding, this show had the teeth of a newborn baby. The part I laughed at the most was when the guy stepped up and over his desk.

Live from the water cooler, I’m some guy, and those were my two cents.

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