Angel’s Brunch

From the “Extra Special” section of the new Folk & Good Cookin’ cookbook comes this recipe, which I submitted to the Red Rock cookbook committee IN JEST! and with reference to last year’s festival. Imagine my surprise and bemusement on seeing it printed up, right between Jory Nash’s burrito and Noah Zacharin’s tuna salad. Eww, that sounds gross. Anyway, good luck cooking this up.

Angel’s Brunch

Ingredients: Jamieson’s Irish Whiskey; Colt Cigar

Get up, Saturday AM, too late for breakfast and too tired for lunch. Stumble out of tent. Stumble back into tent in search of nourishment. Discover remains of 26er of Jamieson’s. Open, tilt, swallow, holler “WHOOOO!”

Discover Colt cigar in crumpled pack. Straighten, light, inhale.

Find guitar. (Note: may not be in tent.)

Wander over to main stage, practicing. Play Ian Tamblyn’s “The Angel’s Share.” Explain that it’s all about whiskey. The song, that is.

Lather, rinse, repeat!

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