Distant early warnings

About a year ago, I capped off a journal entry about Troutfest in Ear Falls with a warning, because I felt like I had pushed myself much farther than I should have. Here’s the warning:

“Take it easy out there buddy. Ear Falls was great, but getting there, while still maintaining everything else you do, (already too much) took you to the limit of what you can accomplish in a 2-day weekend. Don’t push that limit. Play safe!”

I’m recapping all of this because I’m headed to Thunder Bay again tonight, and Winnipeg/Ear Falls again next weekend. I’m stating for the record that I’m living with a lot more discipline these days – no alcohol, plenty of sleep, good food, lots of exercise, and attention to the little things that keep my stress level down and my spirits up.

I’ve worked hard to make some dreams come true for myself, to establish myself as a worthy father for my daughter, to do right by the many people who depend on me and whom I depend on in turn. I have beauty all around me and everything a man should need to be happy. And last week, I was reborn on the stage at Hugh’s Room as the musician and performer I’ve always believed I could be. It was a long time coming, and I won’t forget the effort it took to get there.

Yeah, I’m going up north again. Yeah, it’s still crazy to fly to two festivals in two weekends and work a demanding day job in between. But I want to state for the record that I’m not ignoring my own distant early warnings. I’m heeding them. And if I’m taking a ride into the danger zone, I swear I’m doing it as carefully as I can.

So here’s another little note to myself:

Do what you need to do, but make sure you do it with a loving and an eager heart. Keep yourself healthy and thriving so you can be there to see it through. Everything you’ve accomplished to date is great, but the story doesn’t end here. Wait til you see what you can do when you really get going!

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