Ukuleles north!

This did my heart good.

Carol Teal from The ArtsCan Circle accepts a “big cheque” a.k.a. baritone uke from CUJAM member Bob Cutler.

Members of the Corktown Ukulele Jam generously donated funds for 30 ukuleles (and one baritone uke!) to The ArtsCan Circle a couple of weeks ago.

Founded by harmonica hero Mike Stevens (subject of St Michael Told Me So) and members of the Ontario folk music community, ArtsCan Circle provides musical instruments, arts training and mentorship to kids in remote Native communities.

It was my dear friend moxywoman, a member at large of CUJAM, who got this ball rolling. But a couple of dozen members chipped in to make it happen, each according to his or her abilities. Bob and Sue supplied stickers for the ukes, and NorthernUke made the trip from Ryson’s Music in St. Catharine’s where they gave us a wonderful deal.

The whole group was involved in tuning and putting the stickers on, and we said a few words to acknowledge the moment before sending the ukes northward to Pikangikum, a fly-in community in Northwestern Ontario.

I’m really proud of our team for this effort and I hope the love that went into it will bless the journeys of these little Beaver Creek ukes, and all who play them.

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