Canadian roots Olympic anthem?

Is “Northwest Passage” an Olympic anthem?

We asked our Facebook group what Canadian roots song best suits the Vancouver2010 Games.

Here are a few suggestions, some cynical, some cheeky, some sincere, some hilarious. They are in the order in which we received them, and no ranking is implied or intended!

(We put the names of the nominators in brackets to credit their creativity).

Tragically Hip, “Fifty Mission Cap” (Kim Hatzisavva)
Spirit Of The West, “The Profiteer” (Tracie Morgan Mac Maghnuis)
Nardwuar & The Evaporators, “Gassy Jack” (Duke Lang)
Myk Gordon, “Mistral Wind” (Joel Etkin)
Joni Mitchell, “Dog Eat Dog” (Rocky Lawrence Green)
Cash Crop, “Northern Touch” (Simon Salatandre)
Stan Rogers, “Second Effort” (Deb Maike)
Stan Rogers, “Northwest Passage” (Jeremiah McCaw Budnark)
Joni Mitchell, “Circle Game” (Andy Frank)
Gordon Lightfoot, “Baby Step Back” (Char Westbrook)
Stan Rogers, “The Mary Ellen Carter (Beverlie Robertson)
Neil Young, “After The Goldrush” (Jack Cole)
Gordon Lightfoot, “Early Mornin’ Rain” (Steve Schellenberg)
Stompin’ Tom, “The Hockey Song” (Scott MacKay)
Joe Hall, “Vampire Beavers” (Denise Quarrington)
Tim Harrison, “Not For The Love Of The Money” (Tim Harrison)

There’s no way that’s a complete list. What’s your suggestion for Canadian roots Olympic anthem?

Leave us a comment and let us know!

7 comments on “Canadian roots Olympic anthem?

  1. James Gordon — Mining for Gold

  2. gabriele carvahal

    February 17, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen

  3. C’mon guys. Stompin’ Tom’s “Olympic Song” has got to be on this list.

  4. With the thumping chorus “I feel a podium under my feet”, Winnipeg band Nathan and their Juno winning and Socan Echo prize nominated song ‘Scarecrow’ has to be a contender for this one….
    Helen Jackson

  5. Stand Tall…Burton Cummings

  6. “Four Strong Winds” Ian and Sylvia

  7. Mary Ellen Carter – the “Rise Again” anthem, by Stan Rogers. Has nothing whatever to do with boats. :-)

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